What's your Social Value

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What is AnteSocial?

AnteSocial is a social media stock market. The first social media platform enabling you to build real social value, your own individual social stock price that increases based on your activity on the platform and how much money you earn. The higher your social value the more money you can make and the more valuable you are to potential investors and advertisers.

How does it work?

AnteSocial works very similarly to other social platforms you may be familiar with. You can post pictures and videos, message friends, like and comment on posts, watch other users and see who is watching you. There are a few key features that separate us from the rest.

Your Social Value – You can find your social value on your profile page along with a graph of your performance over time. This can also be seen next to your posts and in other areas of the network. Your social value is calculated by a number of factors, but primarily how you use the platform and how much and how consistently you earn money.

The Market Place – You can find the Marketplace in the main menu or simply by swiping left on your main feed. We will never serve you ads, disrupt or limit access to your posts or to your followers. How much or how little people see of you is entirely up to you. The Ad marketplace is an area where if you can choose to connect with brands and advertisers you like, each ad has a price they will pay you to watch it. If you like it you can post it to your feed, all of your watchers will get paid when they watch it but you will also get paid each time someone in your network views an ad you posted.

Messages – There are two types of messages on AnteSocial, Direct Connections and Paid Messages, anyone you know personally should be someone you would want to Direct Connect with, once you are connected messaging them is free. However, if someone you are not Directly Connected with wants to message you they will have to pay your Social Value. They can also try to Direct Connect with you however we strongly recommend to users that they only use this for people they actually know and are likely to have the Direct Connect request accepted, having to many denials can negatively impact your Social Value. Here is how a paid message works, a user will pay your Social Value to contact you, you then have 48 hours to read and respond to that message otherwise that user will get their money back. You will receive 50% of the money once you read the message and 50% when you reply. They can also “Ante Up” paying more to be at the top of your inbox. People who send you paid messages have the ability to rate your first response so keep that in mind when replying to paid messages. You can manage your Direct Connections in the main menu.

Trading and the SSE (Social Stock Exchange) – You may have noticed the Trade button on your profile page. This feature gets really exciting! Once you have enough history interacting on the platform this feature will be unlocked and you will be able to go public, offering up to 49% of your social stock for other users to invest in. Users can now invest and trade in your Social Value as they would a company listed on the NYSE. Here is how it works. You choose the number of shares you want to offer, between 1 and 49 if your current Social value is $100 then each share will be sold at that price. You can also choose to split your shares, making one share 100 and selling it for $1 the choice is yours. Once you sell, any money you make on the system will be automatically split with your shareholders at the time of that transaction, so if you sold 10% of your stock, for each dollar you keep $.90 and your shareholders would split the rest. Shareholders can freely buy and sell your stock in the SSE (Social Stock Exchange) potentially further increasing your Social Value.

The Bank – You earn real money on AnteSocial. But in the system, transactions are made with AnteCoin. Money you earn in the Ad Market, Paid Messages and money you earn from any Stocks you own are all paid in AnteCoin, and collected in your Bank. AnteCoin is guaranteed by the US dollar and can be sold back for US dollars to be deposited to the account of your choosing at any time. There is no tax liability for the AnteCoin in your account, however, you will be responsible for reporting any gains to the appropriate tax authorities from the AnteCoin you sell back. Currently each AnteCoin is worth $.01 The Bank also features a complete ledger of all your transactions. AnteCoin is not a currency that is traded like Bitcoin and not susceptible to wild market swings and loss of value.

Transfer AnteCoin– Want to share the wealth with a friend or Pay someone for helping you on a project… ? Just send them some AnteCoin, Simply go to their profile and click on the three red dots in the upper right corner and follow the instructions…